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Albert Squires, trainer

Albert Squires

Health and fitness has been a passion of mine since I can remember. Being an athlete at the youth and collegiate level has not only taught me to compete and overcome obstacles, but has given me the tools to lead and support those around me. As your personal trainer I plan to share that passion with you while helping you to achieve your fitness goals and improve the quality of your life.

NASM Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Nutritionist Precision Nutrition, Collegiate Athlete, Physique Competitor, Powerlifter
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Let us handle all the thinking for you! Professionally guided workouts along with individualized workout programming and nutritional coaching. All tailored to your fitness goals and current fitness level.

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Receive professional guidance anywhere! Personalized workout and nutritional programming along with weekly check-ins and adjustments.

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NuNu A
San Francisco, CA

As a trainer, he's very knowledgeable and knows his stuff. Always ready to help you with whatever challenges you may face. Every session with him was fun and completely different than the prior session so you will never get bored. From working with him, I was able to achieve what I was set out to do as well as take home the fundamentals of a good workout regimen and a good nutritional plan to keep myself on point...

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Nadya H
San Mateo, CA

A lot of male trainers aren't very good at translating their approach to women without it coming across as a program for the weak. Albert focuses on strengths and is very aware of biomechanics that differ between men and women, and builds out his programs to account for them. Doesn't mean his workouts are easy, he always makes sure to push through plateaus and mental barriers :)

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Kris M
Pacifica, CA

Working with Albert was easy, fun, and a serious kick in the butt. He made routines that I could do immediately at my level, but that were challenging. He managed to keep me right at the edge of exhaustion, but I was always able to complete each evolution (barely). Everything he taught me is easily repeated at my own gym, and things I will continue to do the rest of my days (I hope). We went over nutrition goals (I pretty much suck at those) and he kept track of body fat and muscle mass on a weekly basis. Albert is very professional, and quite frankly, just a good dude.

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Gisela M
Daly City, CA

I have been working with Albert for almost two months now. Ive had nothing but a great experience doing his online training. Overall albert is a really great guy and truly cares about his clients and giving them all the support then can get to reach their goals.

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