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Group and personal training is offered at my San Mateo facility. Tell me a little bit about you or your group and I’ll contact you personally!

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Online Training

Our online platform is perfect for those who personally can't make it into our gym. All workouts come with video and written description and can be accessed with our app on any personal device. We also cover all nutritional needs with personalized plans along with coaching during our weekly check-ins and adjustments. Lets start by filling out my Online Assessment and I will begin your program design.

Once done with the assessment, payment can be made below and you will be contacted shortly.

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Muscle Mondays

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Front squat
Dumbbell clean
Ass & abs Hiit workout
Reverse lunge
Renegade row
Stability ball V-up

What clients are saying

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Jesse L
Palo Alto, CA

10/10, Highly recommended. Albert's routines are solid and enjoyable. Unlike some sessions in the gym, his routines are not overly exhausting to the point where they are stressful, but the definitely deliver results. They are rooted in data and science, Albert is extremely well read and knowledgable on the facts and he gets great result, really quickly.

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Matt J
San Francisco, CA

I started training with Albert and saw immediate results. With his plan, I lost 5 pounds in a little less than 2 months. Through positive reinforcement and a clear plan, I got stronger and healthier. I accomplished goals I never thought possible.

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Kat M
Daly City, CA

Albert Squires is an phenomenal trainer. I will and always recommend him for personal training when people ask, how I lost my baby weight after having 2 kids. He is very knowledgeable in his field of expertise and nutrition. Along with this knowledge he is a great motivator, supporter, educator, very attentive, sets realistic goals and always willingly to help with our fitness when we are not training together.

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Katie M
San Francisco, CA

Albert's program is the first time that eating right and working out consistently has finally clicked for me. The app he uses has the workouts laid out for you in a way that's easy to follow. The meal program is broken down in a way that is super sustainable. Albert is very professional and easy to talk to when it comes to nutrition and adjusting workouts when needed and! in a nonjudgemental way which I really appreciate. I'm definitely already looking forward to the next month and even extending it further; I've never been this motivated about my health and fitness before and I have Albert to thank for that entirely.

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